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Journey Woman
Friday, 20 February 2004
hahaahhahaha I've change to a new Blog site... no more writing in here....farewell...sayonara...MAY THIS BLOG SITE REST IN PEACE

For my new Blog site click here

Posted by airfoong at 3:48 PM WST
Wednesday, 18 February 2004
I need to find a new Blog site!!!
My pastor is quite excited that me and David Berry recently started blogging. He even put it in his own blog site!!
I think I need to find another blog site. This tripod one is not very happening. I can't even add any pictures and if I want to hyperlink the text I'll have to do the HTMl coding myself. Sivin recommended "MBlog" hmmm I'll have a look at it tomorrow... right now Hoong Guit is waiting to send me home....I better get going....to be continue

Posted by airfoong at 9:16 PM WST
Monday, 16 February 2004
Helena's Garden
Finally get to launch my fren's website that I've been working on www.helenasgarden.com

Posted by airfoong at 2:26 PM WST
Dun know what title to type in......

Went for my first "See throught the scriptures" class b4 the worship gathering yesterday at church. We went thru 5 illustrations and Wai Kin made an interesting comment about how we & the world belongs to GOD and when we spend time with Him or doing His work we r not "robbing" Him of of his time. Hmmmm.....

Had dinner with Olivia, Siew Peng & Chit Hui yesterday nite. Wanted to eat at Mum's Place at Damansara Perdan but we had to wait for 15-20 mins 4 a table so we decided to go somewhere else. Ended up eating at a restaurant called "La Gourmet" at Ikano. The food was quite good. Me and Chit had Octopus comodaro(octopus cooked in tomato sauce), Olivia had shitake soup & bread & sausage soup (I guess she was feeling soupy yesterday! ;P) & Siew Peng had shitake soup & smoke salmon bagel. I luv the shitake mushroom soup. The shitake smell wasn't too strong and the soup wasn't too heavy. I think I'll definitely go back there to try other stuff. Anyway...THANK YOU SIEW PENG for the dinner. She belanja us ice-cream too after dinner! hehe

Posted by airfoong at 2:02 PM WST
Updated: Monday, 16 February 2004 1:39 PM WST
Saturday, 14 February 2004
Waiting for Tapio to pick Jouni up from his apartment at Bukit Jalil and we r all meeting at my house and then go makan! I'M HUNGRY!!

Tomorrow we are having an interactive worship gathering at church. People will be moving around instead of just sitting down. Interesting......

Posted by airfoong at 8:24 PM WST
Testing, Testing 1,2,3.... Hello, hello.... Wah.... First time blogging....I'm not very sure what to write. Not use to writing journals. Dunno how long this will last...hehehe Anyway, went down to Batu Pahat, Johor yesterday with Josephine (my very dearest fren, mother to my goddaughter) & her sister Elizabeth (my "godsister" hehe!). Had a nice drive down south. Took us only about 3 hours. Then we dropped by Muar to have lunch. One word of caution, dun eat the "char siew" there! They used a lot of red colouring for it and it doesn't taste good. BUT the Otak-Otak was good. Well that's what Muar is famous for, "brain-brain". ;P

Posted by airfoong at 1:49 PM WST
Updated: Saturday, 14 February 2004 2:43 PM WST

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